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Day 7: Hooked on Naxos

Ferry rides, seafood, and seasickness

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We got up and packed in preparation of Mina (our host) driving us to the Port. We had figured out the bus systems in Mykonos pretty quickly and knew that Mina would be saving us at least 45 minutes.
The port was huge! Cruise ships took up a good portion of the dock and the Hellenic Seaway boats would come speeding in, unload cars and loads of people, and reload with cars and loads of people in the span of 10 minutes. If you read your ticket wrong, you could be stuck on the wrong boat.
I was overwhelmed with the crowd pushing to get on the BlueStar ferry, but once we got on their were nice tables and seating and a little cafe that Will and I sat at for the two hour ride. It wasn’t until the last half hour that I began to get seasick and dizzy, but we pulled it together and made our way off the ferry into the lovely island of Naxos.

The port was bustling with people and there was a light breeze as we followed directions to get to our Airbnb. Fresh seafood was displayed at each restaurant and the streets were less focused on feeding the tourist frenzy.
When we got to our room, our host was no where to be found so a sweet cleaning lady let us into our room. In comparison to the previous hotel, this was amazing. Will and I each get our own bed, the shower has enough space to shampoo without falling out, and there is a cute little kitchen and balcony.
We walked out by the port and found a small beach with glowing rocks. We found sea glass and continued up a hill to some overlooking cliffs. At the top, Will discovered a hidden staircase leading back to the sea. It was one of the most peaceful places I have ever sat.
Later, we went exploring into the maze that is Old Town. It is similar to Mykonos City, but hardly anyone is on the streets. In the midst of the maze, we come across the archaeological museum, little shops with local items, and the Waffle House.
The Waffle House is homemade ice cream with 100% Greek products and waffle cones made outside. It definitely would give Salt and Straw a run for their money.
We went back and showered before going down to the docks to watch the sunset and cheer on some fisherman.
After dinner, we went back to the room and as I was unpacking I ran across a cockroach. Will jumped up grabbing his shoe and then bailed out covering his mouth like he was going to throw up. I don’t see the real harm in cockroaches aside from their nastiness, so I grabbed a cup and some paper and tried to catch it as it scurried up the wall. Unfortunately, this cockroach is Houdini. He somehow escaped and started scurrying across the floor back towards me causing me to instinctually stomp on it. There is video to document this horrific/ hilarious moment that I will post later.

May your rooms all be free of cockroaches tonight.

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