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Day 4: Goodbye Athens, Hello Spring Break?

Welcome to the windy city

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Will and I got up this morning to move out of our lovely apartment in Athens. I've been trying to mentally prepare Will for the apartments to come because I don't expect them to be as nice as our one in Athens. We head to breakfast and have our first cup of Greek coffee. It is strong, which is right up my alley, and we laugh because the last third of the cup is solid, brown goop. But I still really liked it!
We decided to not plan our whole day and instead go and explore. We know the area pretty well at this point, so we are able to find our way to the nicer streets and do a little shopping. Athens (and Greece in general) are huge on protection from evil spirits and curses. Therefore, all jewelry vendors sell the evil eye pendant to protect against curses.
We walked down a side street we had yet to go down and came across a little spa that has Garra Rufa fish aka, fish that eat the dead skin off your feet. It has always been on Will's bucket list to try, so he eagerly bounds in with me in tow. Right when we touch our toes to the water, the fish swarm them. The sensation is like having someone tickle your foot with a feather over and over again in many spots.
We continue our exploration of the city and found a cute neighborhood called Anafiotika . It is a couple of streets of pastel colored houses with vibrant doors and picturesque gardens. If I were to live in Greece, this is exactly what I would want my house to look like.
We walk back to our apartment and our wonderful Airbnb host drops us off at the Athens airport to catch our quick 30 minute flight to Mykonos. The flight is full of glamorous Greeks and tourists that were dressed similarly to people heading to the Hamptons. Mykonos is known for it's parties and therefore draws in the younger crowd from all around the world. There two most popular beaches are Paradise and Super Paradise.
Right as we got off the plane, I am forced to hold down every article of clothing I have on due to the wind. Mykonos is probably the windiest city I have ever been to.
I arranged a car to drop us at the Asteri Hotel where we meet the owner, an adorable Greek gentleman who speaks maybe 10 words of english. Will and I arrive in our room, which has a large balcony and all of the essentials. But we are currently sharing a full size bed and the electricity in the room decides to reset at 2 am, turning on every light and noise possible in the room. We see this as incentive to spend time out of the room exploring. There is a pool and a beach just down the road!
Mykonos is everything I expected when I think of Greece. I can't wait to see more of it.

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